Painting Tips & Tricks From Precsion Painting

Covid Working

Posted: 08-03-2020

Many ask are you guys working? Yes, we are!  Many clients don't want us to work inside, especially our nursing homes, but there are plenty of outside renovation projects that need to be done!  We're on it!!!  One hundred degrees plus our men are on the job. They need a few more breaks and start and finish earlier because of the heat but the jobs get finished.  Check out some...

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2020 New year and better!!!

Posted: 01-26-2020

Hello, friends, family and clients we hope your holidays were great!  What's new for 2020?  Lots of work here at Precision.  End of year is always a time to look back at all that was accomplished and forward at the projects that were put on hold.  Looking back last year Sherwin Williams' color of the year was Cavernclay; with SuperPaint Interior Paint, primer and paint in on...

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Bees and more Bees

Posted: 10-04-2019

Painting the exterior of any building can have some critter problems and bees especially wasps are a real hazzard.  We have a favorite place at West Bradenton Baptist for the honey bees, reminds me of Canaan.  We have them relocated but sure enough their back again in just a season or two.  This time we had them out and they came back in weeks!  Now the "bee" man is also bac...

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What happens in Key West.....

Posted: 10-04-2019

Well, what can be said?  A very good client hired the team to redo the exterior of the  family vacation home in Key West.   Total 64 hours 4 guys.    We pressure washed, primed new areas were minor repairs were made, and painted top to bottom all three floors.  Check out the befores and afters.  We'll be redoing the interior next week.  Lovely home w...

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Painting in the Rain

Posted: 08-27-2019

What a summer!  While southern Florida is not in a  draught situation, it sure took  a lot of time  to get our exteriors done these last 2 months.  What a back up and now a storm this weekend.  Uuuugg sometimes God plays with us.  Thank you, patient customers and sorry to those not so patient but paint on your sidewalk because it washed off your walls is ...

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Spring cleaning! New and Fresh!

Posted: 03-19-2019

Spring is a traditional time to clean up, clear out and start fresh.  We go through the closets and drawers and donate our unused, unwanted clothes to charities.   We clean out the cupboards and check the dates on food; even our sheds and garages get cleaned out.  All this gets us ready for a summer of fun and a house ready to go.  Is your home ready?   Is you...

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Holiday Preparation

Posted: 11-02-2018

 Hey followers a qwick holiday blog to get you started on the right walls.  Before decorating for the holiday take a look around and see if your paint is in good shape.  Wipe your hand over the exterior walls;  if your getting the telltail white dusty film on your palms that's the sign of failing paint.  It's time for a fresh coat.  Sherwin Williams has some great ...

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Working in the Keys

Posted: 09-05-2018

Recently, a very good costumer asked us to go to Cudjoe Key and give him an estimate on his new rental property.  This is a three day job; drive down, look over the house, take pictures and measurements and figure how best to attack this project.  We returned home and put together the estimate explaining the what's, why's and how's.  This house was three stories and we needed to ...

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Reach Higher

Posted: 06-20-2018

Hello, to our blog reading public, sorry it's been a while since I've written.  Precision Painting has reached some new heights this year!  We have lifts on 4 out of our 6 jobs.  We have been up 3, 4, and 8 stories and our boys are looking out over Bradenton with a whole new vision. The sky is the limit. One of the jobs in downtown Bradenton has to be done at night due to the tra...

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DIY Painting 2017

Posted: 08-01-2017

Even with good paint, the paint store sales team, and the "I can do this I've done it before" attitude you can still have problems. Case in point: front doors to fancy a home in Lakewood Ranch. Coating after coating of Urethane and/or other paints, of course, cause a build up, besides one difference in product base or old stuff from the garage can lead to adhesion problems. These add up to labo...

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Posted: 07-01-2017

Recently, we had a call from a neighbor of one of our clients. Great a referral! Turns out he had another company paint his house. Well, our guys remembered this company and had said a few comments on their procedures. So Mr. Ricky went out to meet with the home owner and give him a price to fix the job that he had just had done. Basically, we had to redo most of the job and it would cost as muc...

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What's the big difference in paint quality?

Posted: 02-21-2017

Our goals when we paint anyones home or business are results the are pleasing to the eye, lasting, and can be maintained with minimal effort.  The better the quality of paint the better these three aspects are achieved.   Better quality products for the exterior have better color retention, this is very important in Florida.  They are more mildew resistent and washable.  The...

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When is the best time of year to paint the exterior of your home?

Posted: 10-17-2016

The best time of year here in sunny Florida is anytime!  We are fortunate to live where the weather doesn't get to cold to paint. Ricky says the best weather is from Oct.-Jan.  This is a time of less rain and humidity so the paint dries well, the jobs are done faster because of no rain days, and the seasonal snowbirds have not scheduled thier work. Sno...

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Why a professional paint job?

Posted: 07-12-2016

In every home owners life ... the job of maintaining that home arrises.  How do you decide when to bring in the pros?  First and formost, when your incapable of or unwilling to doing the work. This requires from some DYI persons (some of whom do very good work), to realy evaluate the project at hand. How much time do you have while that livingroom with...

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One Coat Coverage: Can a coat of paint cover a multitude of sin?

Posted: 05-27-2016

Many times we are asked "Can't I just paint this wall and cover all the problems?" Can a coat of paint cover a multitude of sin? Ricky says yes!  You can try the products with primer and paint in one can, ex. Emerald.   The question you need to ask yourself is what do I want my end product to look like?  If you are making any repairs to the surfac...

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Color Moods

Posted: 09-04-2015

While flipping threw a Dr. Oz magazine I came accross an article that stated Color is linked to our emotions and behavior.  Most of us already know that; advertisements, team colors, the color we choose to wear on a given day can lighten our mood, strenght our resolve, etc.  The article goes on to tell you that we are effected by 3 components of the color, Hue (red, green, blue), Satu...

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Don't You Fret

Posted: 07-03-2015

2015 has been a great team year!  Ricky and Kathy Jones, PP owners, are learning new skills.  Namely each others.  We're not getting any younger, we love the paint business, and we are not near retirement age; so, you may get to see Kathy (me) out there on an estimate!  To all you women it's like pulling teeth to get him to explain how he figures this and that.  38 plus...

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Traveling aFar

Posted: 07-03-2015

Well, last year we spent much time coordinating a work/missiom trip with Orphans Heart out of Orlando. The destination... capital city Managua, Nicaragua.  We partnered with Sherwin Williams International to obtained an account in Managua, so we could purchase the piant needed for the Hogar Senil nursing home. Steve and Ricky worked 3 and a half long hot days, to re-coat the 7 foot front w...

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Lots of Work!!

Posted: 07-03-2015

Well, I must apologize for taking so long to write. Time goes by fast when your busy.  The staff has been working all over Manatee and Sarasota Counties and hopefully you are or will be a client.  We have added some new talent to our group and now number 14 strong and capable employees.  Ronnie, Kevin, Steve, and Jake head our crews, these are our faithful leaders and will work h...

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Health alert!!!

Posted: 01-30-2013

 Under no circumstances should lead containing paint be sanded, wire brushed, or steel wooled.  Air born particles can pose an even greater risk to people and pets than solid chips of lead containing paint.  If you have old doors and old trim it can be less expensive to remove the doors and trim and replace them than to remove the lead paint and repaint.


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Finishing Touches

Posted: 06-01-2012

Well patient readers, we've been overly busy these past few month.  I'll be tweeting you about some cool pictures shortly.  In the meantime, let's finish the job in the bedroom.  The trend to do interior woodwork in a dove white, or a creamy antique white tone is still very prevealant.  On the horizon we're seeing an increase in "elegant " white.   More and mo...

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Faking it in the Bedroom

Posted: 03-07-2012

Faux painting an area, accent wall, tray ceiling, or the whole room is a great way to add style, texture, warmth, and individuality to your home.  It's a final step towards owning your special room!  You can start with a change up of texture on the areas you want to faux.  This will add movement, and intrigue to that space.  Then, you can add various layers of color to ...

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Bedroom Answers

Posted: 01-10-2012

Dear, my husband says, did you use a light weight spackel to fill the holes and any cracks in the walls? Then you have to sand and touch up the texture with a spray texture.  Always know that drywall is imperfect and will show flaws so you need to understand paint sheen.  Flat, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, and Gloss finish the more sheen the more imperfections you will see. ...

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