Holiday Preparation

Written By: Kathy


 Hey followers a qwick holiday blog to get you started on the right walls.  Before decorating for the holiday take a look around and see if your paint is in good shape.  Wipe your hand over the exterior walls;  if your getting the telltail white dusty film on your palms that's the sign of failing paint.  It's time for a fresh coat.  Sherwin Williams has some great products.   For good coverage try Super Paint.   Next, up Resilence with moisture gaurd and longer lasting coverage.  The top two would be Duration, a thick covering with great long lasting tone, and top of the line Emerald, the best coverage and staying power of them all.  Both Duration and Emerald come with a ten year warrenty!   Also, let's remember the guests arriving to that same old room or the same old living spaces.  Why not fix that drywall repair and repaint the room.  Show your class!  Either way we're here to help and wishing you a great holiday season!