Wall Texturing

Wall Texturing in Bradenton, Sarasota, Palmetto, and Lakewood Ranch.

Texturing walls is usually done via three techniques. First, the very popular and smoothest texture is an orange peel, ( looking like it's namesake). This texture covers a minimum of drywall flaws; it is easier to repair or replace a section of damaged drywall and match the texture; and it allows for the flow of the wall. Second, is called knock down. This is where texture is blown onto the surface and then by using a large flexible trowel you lightly flatten out the drywall mud. This technique is used for added wall ambiance and to hide a less then quality drywall job. If you want some notice to your walls knockdown is a more modern answer. The third wall texturing effect is called skip trowel. In this technique the drywall mud is usually applied by hand using a trowel. This is a more expensive, labor intensive wall texturing process that adds lots of movement to your walls. It is ruff to the touch, hides a multitude of flaws, and really adds to the experience of the room. All these techniques can be done lighter to heavier in thickness allowing for more variety of looks.

Precision Painting Corp - Wall Texturing Photo