2020 New year and better!!!

Written By: Kathy


Hello, friends, family and clients we hope your holidays were great!  What's new for 2020?  Lots of work here at Precision.  End of year is always a time to look back at all that was accomplished and forward at the projects that were put on hold.  Looking back last year Sherwin Williams' color of the year was Cavernclay; with SuperPaint Interior Paint, primer and paint in one providing  excellent coverage making color changes easier and providing that rich color apperance that lasts.  Sherwin Williams color for 2020 will be announced in 2021; will your choice be the winner?  What needs to be spruced up, brightened, toned down or just needs something? Let's get it done.  Call the expert painters, call Precision Painting of Bradenton and let us help you renew the love you had with your favorite room, now drab and tired.  What about that curb appeal, once the best looking house on the block, now not so good.  Let us help you upgrade and become the neighbor to be envied.