Color Moods

Written By: Kathy


While flipping threw a Dr. Oz magazine I came accross an article that stated Color is linked to our emotions and behavior.  Most of us already know that; advertisements, team colors, the color we choose to wear on a given day can lighten our mood, strenght our resolve, etc.  The article goes on to tell you that we are effected by 3 components of the color, Hue (red, green, blue), Saturation (richness/pureness), and the Brightness (closeness to white) of the color.  Deeply saturated shades energize us, while brighter/lighter is more calming a shade.  With this in mind how can we choose colors to energize, or soften our moods to use in our homes?  Let's see if we can give you a qwick overall of the article.  Red is an energizing color, but not for a work space more a home gym color; while Orange is a homey relaxing color,use it as an accent color in a library.  Green is a nature color creative and brain boosting, office, study or craft room. Yellow is a warm sunny color to be used in cooler rooms that need to feel warmer.  Blues are creative nature colors also, but more cooling, problem solving, and relaxing colors.  And then there is Purple the color of royalty and sophistication, the prefect accent wall color.  Color for thought!  Enjoy! Be Creative!