Spring cleaning! New and Fresh!

Written By: Kathy


Spring is a traditional time to clean up, clear out and start fresh.  We go through the closets and drawers and donate our unused, unwanted clothes to charities.   We clean out the cupboards and check the dates on food; even our sheds and garages get cleaned out.  All this gets us ready for a summer of fun and a house ready to go.  Is your home ready?   Is your home cleaned?  When was the last time your house was pressure washed?  When was the last time it was painted?  Is your paint chalking, peeling, or faded?  Nothing is a better feeling than turning into your driveway and seeing your home shiny and new.  You work hard and your home is your castle, your safe spot, make it nice.   We have Sherwin Williams Duration on our house (Emerald will be our next time we have to paint choice of coatings) both are long lasting coatings with great color retention.   We pressure washed the house, driveway, sidewalk, patio, and shed.  Then we touched up the paint where needed, 2 coat sealed the dyed driveway, sidewalk and patio pavers, and painted slab of concrete out back that has become my flower garden breakfast place, complete with potted rose bushes!  We have a whole new area to entertain and relax in that didn't cost near what my husband thought it would.  Call us we can help you get the most out of your castle!