Don't You Fret

Written By: Kathy


2015 has been a great team year!  Ricky and Kathy Jones, PP owners, are learning new skills.  Namely each others.  We're not getting any younger, we love the paint business, and we are not near retirement age; so, you may get to see Kathy (me) out there on an estimate!  To all you women it's like pulling teeth to get him to explain how he figures this and that.  38 plus years he hasn't had to think about it, now I'm asking questions.  Also, he knows how many gals. per square ft. of each product in his brain; and I'm sure you understand picking a man's brain can be messy.  "You just learn these things over time" he says.  Well, hope to see you out there, since it takes time I figure I'll be at it awhile.