When is the best time of year to paint the exterior of your home?

Written By: Kathy


The best time of year here in sunny Florida is anytime!  We are fortunate to live where the weather doesn't get to cold to paint. Ricky says the best weather is from Oct.-Jan.  This is a time of less rain and humidity so the paint dries well, the jobs are done faster because of no rain days, and the seasonal snowbirds have not scheduled thier work. Snowbirds?  Yes, they are only here for 3-6 months and they usually want thier work done while they're here.  The summer months can be a scheduling issue due to the summer rains. Throw in a hurricane moving through and your now backed up in  the schedule.  Remember, watered down paint is never a good thing!  So if your a resident you can paint anytime of year with a minimum of problems. We work year around interior and exterior!  Call for a free estimate and get to it!