One Coat Coverage: Can a coat of paint cover a multitude of sin?

Written By: Kathy


Many times we are asked "Can't I just paint this wall and cover all the problems?" Can a coat of paint cover a multitude of sin? Ricky says yes!  You can try the products with primer and paint in one can, ex. Emerald.   The question you need to ask yourself is what do I want my end product to look like?  If you are making any repairs to the surface to be painted, for example water spots need a primer, some drywall repairs need primer, nail holes that were patched maybe.  Sometimes repairs also need texture matches.   Do you want good coverage with less coatings and do you need to wash that wall free of smudges try Sherwin Williams Emerald or Duration.  What is the sheen your covering and what sheen do you want the wall to have when finished?  How deep of a color are you covering?   That navy blue in not going white easily, nor is the navy blue over a white wall going to have the depth of color tone needed to look great with just one coating!  Rule of thumb when changing the color 2 coat it!  Kitchen and bathroom walls need to be coated using a satin or semi-gloss for moisture protection.  Also, NO latex over oil you must prime it!